Only Grinz Can Give You A ZMYL


What is it?

A radiating, perfectly balanced smile that is created by a grinz orthodontist.  

How do we achieve it?

Using either braces or clear aligners, and in certain cases a combination of the two, we have a consistent, time-tested process of aligning teeth.  Our doctors and staff are experts in executing the system and are constantly trained on how to become better and more efficient.

Not only do we straighten your teeth, but at the completion of treatment we perform a non-invasive procedure called “manicuring”, where we slightly re-shape the front teeth as well as offer bleaching to lighten the shade of your teeth.  This proprietary combination results in a beautiful outcome!

Why is our system different? 

  1. First and foremost, we are orthodontists, which means our doctors attended a two-to-three-year post-dental school residency program in orthodontics where they learn how to perfect the process of straightening teeth with braces and Invisalign. 
  2. Communication about where in the process the patient is at can be challenging, which is we developed a unique, color-coded process that through the wearing of these different colored tee shirts, effectively communicates with patients, parents, and general/pediatric dentists the stage of treatment the patient is in.  

our system to achieve a ZMYL:


blue stage

Signified by a blue shirt, the purpose of this stage is to monitor a child’s developing teeth and jaws prior to full braces or Invisalign.  This stage also includes early intervention in certain patients to guide the erupting adult teeth into the correct position, correct the developing jaw relationships, or make room for adult teeth.


silver stage

Signified by a gray shirt, the beginning of full braces or Invisalign where the primary goal is to begin straightening crooked teeth, make room for crowded teeth and prepare the patient for the orange stage. 


orange stage

Signified by an orange shirt, the purpose of this stage is to correct the bite and close any space that is present.  This stage usually involves rubber bands and what is called “power chain” that is used to close spaces. 


white stage

Signified by a white shirt with the “ZMYL” logo, the purpose of this stage is to place the final touches on the bite and smile!  In this stage we are adjusting individual teeth positions to lock in the bite and perfect the smile.  It usually involves more rubber bands and “bends” in the patients wires to achieve perfection!

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