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Welcome To grinz orthodontics

A smile is great, but a ZMYL is even better! Together, let's create your unique orthodontic experience.

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Welcome To grinz orthodontics

Why grinz?

We are a teeth straightening company that, through the unique ZMYL system, creates beautiful smiles and cultivates a sense of belonging between both patients and employees.

ZMYL Program

The ZMYL Program is an exclusive offering at grinz orthodontics that classifies orthodontic treatment into four color categories!

What is a Zmyl?

A radiating, perfectly balanced smile that is created by a grinz orthodontist.

How Do We Achieve It?

Using either braces or clear aligners, and in certain cases a combination of the two, we have a consistent, time-tested process of aligning teeth. Our doctors and staff are experts in executing the system and are constantly trained on how to become better and more efficient.

Not only do we straighten your teeth, but at the completion of treatment we perform a non-invasive procedure called “manicuring”, where we slightly re-shape the front teeth as well as offer bleaching to lighten the shade of your teeth. This proprietary combination results in a beautiful outcome!


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